Digital High

A Compendium of Varied Engineering Projects

I tried out an idea I came across on the web that involved etching an Altoids tin via electrolysis, then plating with a copper sulphate solution. Though it worked pretty nicely, I think I have a few ideas to improve my results. At the moment, the piece is only striking under just the right lighting.
In an attempt to ward my mind against encroaching midterms, I started working on a Halloween costume. The CAD is done and I prototyped several parts. Unfortunately I couldn't find any steel stock large enough in the scraps bin, so I made the core out of aluminum. I guess this gives me a chance to shape up my TIG welding!
In other news, the quadcopter pre-flight checklist will now include "are the motor screws still securely connected to the frame" O.O
Flying the quad in this confined a space is making me do dicey things... Like "how fast can I climb to the lowest tree branches" and "how long can I wait before turning the motors back on after getting to the lowest tree branches".
The stained glass section is updated! Yay! Everything else is not. However, great progress has been made on several project fronts:
    - The Eseed rotator drum is functional, as is the joule thief driver. Just need to print the circuit.
    - AIRS V2 has rolled out and glides substantially better than V1 due to weight reductions and new frame
    - The quadcopter is fully functional! Turns out the throttle was not tuned correctly, so it never reached       .      zero and the motors were in turn never armed.

Still updating the rest of the pages! Stay tuned invisible audience of all the people who I have informed about the existence of this site :P