Digital High

A Compendium of Varied Engineering Projects

The quadcopter page has been updated to the current status of the project!
The stained glass section is updated! Yay! Everything else is not. However, great progress has been made on several project fronts:
    - The Eseed rotator drum is functional, as is the joule thief driver. Just need to print the circuit.
    - AIRS V2 has rolled out and glides substantially better than V1 due to weight reductions and new frame
    - The quadcopter is fully functional! Turns out the throttle was not tuned correctly, so it never reached       .      zero and the motors were in turn never armed.

Still updating the rest of the pages! Stay tuned invisible audience of all the people who I have informed about the existence of this site :P

Silas Hughes showed me his weebly page a few weeks ago, so I figured I'd have a go at finally organizing all my projects too. I'm still getting everything into the site and digging up old pictures, but I'll get there eventually. There will be a lot of half formed pages lying around for a while until I work everything out.